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Extra Texture LP

In late 1974, George returned to California to record his next album, the soul-tinged Extra Texture (Read All About It), his final album to be released through Apple Records. Leon Russell played piano on Tired Of Midnight Blue, and for some of the sessions, Harrison was joined by guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, plus Jim Keltner, Paul Stallworth, and David Foster from new band Attitudes, who were later signed by George's newly formed Dark Horse label. Two of the LPs songs date from 1974 sessions for Dark Horse at George's home studio: the soulful love song Can't Stop Thinking About You and the backing track of His Name Is Legs (Ladies & Gentlemen).

For this 2017 reissue, the original analogue master tapes were used and re-mastered and lacquers were cut at the legendary Capitol studios to ensure exceptional audio quality throughout. Heavyweight 180-gram vinyl in its original configuration, with faithfully replicated original album art.

Original Release Date: September 22, 1975

Track Listing

Side A

1. You
2. The Answer's at the End 
3. This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying)
4. Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You) 
5. World of Stone

Side B

1. A Bit More of You 
2. Can't Stop Thinking About You
3. Tired of Midnight Blue 
4. Grey Cloudy Lies 
5. His Name Is Legs (Ladies and Gentleman)