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George Harrison LP

George Harrison LP

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George's eponymous eighth studio album from 1979 includes the singles "Blow Away", "Love Comes To Everyone", "Faster" and the track "Not Guilty" which George had originally written for The Beatles White Album.

For this 2017 reissue, the original analogue master tapes were used and re-mastered and lacquers were cut at the legendary Capitol studios to ensure exceptional audio quality throughout. Heavyweight 180-gram vinyl in its original configuration, with faithfully replicated original album art.

Original Release Date: February 14, 1979

Track Listing


Side A

1. Love Comes To Everyone
2. Not Guilty
3. Here Comes The Moon
4. Soft-Hearted Hana
5. Blow Away

Side B

1. Faster
2. Dark Sweet Lady
3. Your Love Is Forever
4. Soft Touch
5. If You Believe

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