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"Shankar Family & Friends" Orchid Color Vinyl LP

"Shankar Family & Friends" Orchid Color Vinyl LP

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Out of print for many years, Ravi Shankar's 1974 classic album, SHANKAR FAMILY & FRIENDS, is available now on special edition orchid color vinyl LP. Produced by George Harrison, the album was one of the first releases on Dark Horse Records and its East-meets-West musical styles put Western musicians such as Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Jim Keltner, Klaus Voorman, and Nicky Hopkins side-by-side with Indian-music pioneers Alla Rakha, Ashish Khan, Shivkumar Sharma, and Hariprasad Chaurasi. Remastered by Paul Hicks (The Beatles, George Harrison, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones), Shankar Family & Friends marked the first time Harrison and Ravi had collaborated as musicians with Harrison playing acoustic and electric guitar under the name Hari Georgeson. 



1. I Am Missing You 
2. Kahan Gayelava Shyam Salone 
3. Supane Me Aye Preetam Sainya 
4. I Am Missing You (Reprise) 
5. Jaya Jagadish Har

1. Overture 
2. Part One: Dream Festivity & Joy 
3. Love - Dance Ecstasy 
4. Part Two: Nightmare Lust 
5. Dispute & Violence 
6. Disillusionment & Frustration 
7. Despair & Sorrow 
8. Part Three: Dawn Awakening 
9. Peace & Hope

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